Catalina Island

Catalina Island is 22 miles off the coast of Orange County, so if you plan to make the trip there from San Diego, you’ll want to add a bit of extra time to travel to Newport Beach, about an hour north of San Diego. Once there, you can catch the Catalina Flyer for the hour-long boat ride over to Catalina. And it is so worth the trip!

An unspoiled world

When you dock in Catalina, you’ll find a whole different world than San Diego. Sheltered from development and protected from urban sprawl, Catalina Island is a place where the gentle rhythm of the waves and rugged beauty of the landscape makes you want to slow down and take the time to enjoy everything around you.

Two sides of the Island

Most visitors come to Avalon, the main city of the 76 square mile island. Restaurants and shopping right on the sand set a charming atmosphere for romantic getaways.  With plenty of specialty shops, day spas, luxurious hotels, restaurants and things to do with and around other people, this side of Catalina will fit you perfectly.

If you are more inclined to enjoy peace and solitude, you will love the interior areas of Catalina. Everything from grasslands, to ridgelines, to scenic vistas, to woodlands is available in the interior of Catalina Island.

Exciting things to do

Lest you start to think Catalina Island won’t match your yearning for adventure, you should know how many thrilling adventures are to be had upon its shores.  You can rent ATVS, go zip lining, charter a sail boat or yacht, join a sport fishing outing, take out a kayak, boulder scramble on the Island’s interior, scuba dive among an incredible array of fish, or parasail high over the ocean. There are limitless ways to chase the next adventure in Catalina.

Worth the trip

The Catalina Flyer makes two trips daily. When you’re in San Diego, you can’t pass up a chance to visit Catalina. It’s a little extra effort, but so worth the trip.

Catalina Island

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