Spotlight On San Diego

Mormon Battalion Museum

Come experience the long march from Iowa to San Diego at the Mormon Battalion Museum Historic Site. Learn why this group of Latter-day Saint men and women joined the U.S. Army and what they accomplished during and after their march. Located in Old…

Xplore Offshore Ocean Rafting

Go Xplore Offshore Ocean rafting and experience wind-in-your-hair, salt-spray-in-your face kind of excitement that takes the term “heart-pounding", and dials it up a notch. This is an awesome way to spend a few hours or an entire afternoon and you…

San Diego Jewelers Exchange

One of San Diego’s best kept secrets is the San Diego Jewelers Exchange in the Gaslamp District. There are eight floors—yes, eight floors!—where you will find every pretty thing you’ve ever imagined, from diamond necklaces to gold watches to gemstone…


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