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Explore the history and innovation of American music products at The Museum of Making Music. Offering an unusual perspective, the museum showcases a side of the music industry where very little is known. The museum educates the public through films, private concerts, and workshops. There’s also an interactive area where visitors have the opportunity to create their own music.

On permanent display are hundreds of vintage instruments, audio and video clips, and a vibrant interactive area. Organized chronologically, each gallery features the historic milestones, popular music and instruments of those eras. Special exhibitions are presented twice a year with concurrent music presentations. Also, workshops highlighting renowned international and national musicians as well as local talent.

At the entrance to the Museum, you will notice the acronym “NAMM.” Those initials stand for the National Association of Music Merchants. The not-for-profit association that serves and strengthens the global music products industry.

The NAMM museum – the Museum of Making Music – is located on the first floor of the building. This also serves as NAMM’s international headquarters. Founded in 1998 and opened to the public in March 2000, the Museum celebrates the music products industry’s rich history from 1900 to today.

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Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA

December 13, 2018 – August 31, 2019

Just over 60 years ago, accordions were at the forefront of our musical landscape. With annual sales topping a quarter of a million instruments, they were seen and heard on stages, in stores, and in classrooms across the country.  But musical tastes shifted dramatically by the end of the 1950s, and, within 10 years of this incredible high, accordion sales and interest plummeted almost to the point of disappearing. Today, accordions and accordionists are making their voices heard again!

The Museum of Making Music’s special exhibition, “Accordions: Expanding Voices in the USA,” takes a close look and listen at the current state of the accordion across the country, highlighting stories and recordings from some of the players pushing it forward. Find out where the accordion could be headed next and even play one for yourself – you may well become part of the instrument’s future.

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