Spanish Village Art Center

Spanish Village Art Center

Located in Balboa Park, the Spanish Village Art Center is filled with art studios, each one home to a creative soul. The center sits between the San Diego Zoo and the Museum of Natural History featuring multicolored cobblestone in their courtyard. As a visitor to the Village, you can see real artists creating real pieces of art, right before your very eyes! Witness the remarkable focus and concentration each artist invests in each unique piece.  Come watch art in action every day!

Take a stroll through the historic working studios featuring over 200 local artists of all different mediums.  If you’re looking for a hands-on art experience, the artists at the Spanish Village provide classes as well. As an art lover or an artist yourself, you simply cannot miss a visit to Spanish Village in Balboa Park.  Free admission, priceless experience!


DIY Fridays

(coincides with Food Truck Fridays in Balboa Park)
Friday nights • June through September 27, 2019 • 5-7pm
  • art project free of charge
  • varies by week
  • ice cream
  • variety of studios open
  • Come play!





Contact Spanish Village Art Center

(619) 233-9050


Map & Directions

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