Oceanside Adventures

Oceanside Adventures is a luxury Whale Watching company located in front of the historic Light House in Oceanside Harbor.


Oceanside Adventures

Oceanside AdventuresCome out for an awe-inspiring adventure of Dolphin and Whale Watching with Oceanside Adventures. The trips are 2 hours and are great for families, couples, private parties and corporate events and for anyone and everyone who loves the ocean or wildlife.

The vessel is a new 50 foot beautifully equipped, one level, fast Catamaran built by Cooper Marine in Florida. This US Coast Guard inspected Catamaran is perfect for optimal viewing during the San Diego whale watching season; there is both covered and noncovered areas with seating throughout. Get up-close and personal with the marine life we see minutes away from Oceanside Harbor.

Each trip is narrated by an expert Captain, a certified naturalist who loves Whales and Dolphins just like you!

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