Hornblower Cruises & Events

Hornblower Cruises & Events Whale and Dolphin Watching

San Diego is quickly becoming a top destination for year-round whale watching in the world. See blue whales, humpbacks, finbacks, pilot, sperm and even killer whales on our cruises. What makes Hornblower so popular? Spacious decks, climate control, accessible seating, adult beverages on the snack bar. Watch whales and dolphins in the comfort you crave.

Hornblower Cruises & Events is a  treasured attraction on San Diego Bay for San Diego dinner cruises, harbor cruises and unforgettable weddings and corporate events. The San Diego Dinner Cruise departs every night of the year from docks located conveniently downtown and just minutes from San Diego Lindbergh Field. Hornblower provides exceptional customer service with 250,000 passengers enjoying a memorable cruise each year.

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Hornblower Cruises and Events

Hornblower Cruises & Events recognizes that there’s a lot in life to celebrate. Their’s birthdays, the full moon and even Spring Break.  Whatever the occasion, you’ll enjoy gentle bay breezes, glittering waves, and the dramatic San Diego skyline. Whether it’s your anniversary, or you finally found a great babysitter, get onboard a  Hornblower Cruise for gracious hospitality and stunning views on a San Diego dining cruise.

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