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Kayaking in San Diego

Happy father and son after kayaking relaxing near boatsKayaking can be a peaceful, soothing, almost spiritual experience as you glide across smooth ocean waters, the city skyline on one side and the Coronado Bay Bridge on the other. Or, you can make kayaking an exciting adventure by navigating the ocean caves in La Jolla—its up to you! With the Bay, the Harbor, and virtually limitless ocean, San Diego is the best place to kayak in Southern California.

La Jolla Kayak, Hike Bike Kayak, and San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours are three top companies that provide quality kayaks to rent. They also offer guided tours and group outings. And even in the fall, the temperate San Diego weather means that kayaking can be a year-round experience of a lifetime!

La Jolla Kayak  (858) 459-1114

Hike Bike Kayak  (858) 551-9510

Bike and Kayak Tours  (858)454-1010

Public Transit Route #30

Happy kayaking!

La Jolla Kayak. (858) 459-1114

Hike Bike Kayak (858) 551-951

Bike and Kayak Tours (858) 454-1010

If you decide that kayaking won’t fulfill all of your outdoor desires, check their other activities, such as hiking, biking, surfing, snorkeling and standup paddle boarding.

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