The Catalina Flyer

The Catalina Flyer

The Catalina Flyer departs once a day from Newport Beach, arriving in Avalon in just over an hour. The boat is a three deck boat and you can enjoy any deck! Sit inside or outside, or you can even go to the top deck and enjoy some extra sunshine. They have a snackbar on the first deck and an alchohol serving bar on the second deck. They are cash only so be sure to come prepared.  So why not get your tickets, relax, and enjoy the amazing views on your way to Catalina Island.  If you’re looking for hotels, restaurants or things to do while in Catalina Island, visit The Catalina Flyer website for suggestions.  Passengers should arrive at 8:00AM for the 9:00AM departure. Boarding begins thirty minutes prior to departure.



Contact Catalina Flyer

(800) 830-7744

Map & Directions

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