Live The Salt Life

Live The Salt Life brand was created in 2003 by four men who weren’t just friends – they were also avid watermen from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Drawn by their shared passion for ocean-centric activities, they embarked on a journey to develop a brand that wasn’t just a logo they wanted it to represent a style of life.

They strive to effortlessly combine function and fashion with an incredible fit tailored for the active lifestyle. With its relentless dedication to providing gear and designs that transcend, it has successfully evolved into a lifestyle brand with worldwide appeal.

Whether it’s surfing, fishing, diving or simply enjoying a day at the beach, those who live and breathe the Salt Life have one thing in common, the ocean and all it has to offer! They have two retail store locations here in Orange County. One is in Huntington Beach and the other in San Clemente.

Huntington Beach Location

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San Clemente Location

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(714) 361-3822


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