Richard Nixon Library

President Richard Nixon is without question one of the most controversial and perhaps misunderstood Presidents of his era. But if there is one thing both his supporters and his disparagers can agree on, it’s that he was a mysterious figure worthy of deeper understanding. That’s why you’ll want to visit the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, situated on 9 beautiful acres of open land and rolling hills. The Library recreates Nixon’s story, from his childhood in the then-rural community of Yorba Linda to his later days in the White House.

In addition, the Nixon Presidential Library offers special concerts and events throughout the year. This summer, you’ll be able to hear the sounds of the Orange County Guitar Orchestra, Baritone player Mark Palmer, the British Bass Band and many others. The website has dates and additional details.

So come to the renowned Nixon Presidential Library and get better acquainted with our 37th President.


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