Seal Beach

Seal Beach lies between the cities of Long Beach and Huntington Beach. It is a complete beach community that is quaint & compact, with easy access to the beach, pier, restaurants, bars, stores & a movie theatre. Wide, sandy beaches and several great surf spots make Seal Beach a favorite community among locals, and conditions are ideal for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and building sandcastles.

The second-longest pier in California is located in Seal Beach and is used for fishing and sightseeing. Shopping is easy, right next to the beach, with lots of quaint stores you won’t find anywhere else. On Electric Avenue where the railroad tracks used to run, there is the Red Car Museum, which features a restored Pacific Electric Railway Red Car. In the Red Car, guests are invited to sit and watch a video documenting the Red Car ride would have been like during its operations between 1904 and 1950s or close to it.