Breathtaking Forever Views

Orange County has some of the best places in the world to watch the spectacular colors fill the sky as the sun dips belong to the horizon. Take the time to check out our favorites: The Huntington Beach Pier is Orange County’s “front porch to the wide-open Pacific,” and gives visitors unparalleled access to radiant sunset shows. The historic Balboa Pavilion is a family-friendly spot to soak in the last moments of daylight. The Balboa Fun Zone, a miniature amusement park with a waterfront Ferris wheel, sports fishing and whale watching outfits and maritime museums provide plenty of things to do while waiting for the sun to go down. The city of Orange is home to some of the best inland spots for taking in the setting sun. Two restaurants provide access to prime vantage points: Orange Hill Restaurant and the Orange County Mining Company. Twinkling city lights and panoramic views of Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Catalina Island make the Orange hills a must-see destination for sunset seekers