WCKD Village

WCKD Village Is happening October 26th! Prepare to enter an extravagant festival of nightmares as the streets of Downtown evolve into San Diego’s Premier Halloween Festival.  Enter this distorted realm and come face-to-face with terrorizing creatures and twisted adventures! Discover your darkest desire, summon your chosen crew, and take a journey into this elevated WCKD delusion…

Come party within 3 mind-bending dimensions as unknown mysterious stalkers of the night usher our awaited special guests into the WCKD Graveyard. The nightmare is only beginning as you make your way through the graveyard maze and past the faceless crawling creatures of the night.

Venture into the WCKD Garden and encounter the devious souls that prowl within, feigning for their next victim. Interactive experiences loom within the garden such as selfie-worthy photo activations and otherworldly WCKD entertainment.

Let the Village decide your future…or lack of one. Join the evil festivities with the posh freaks that taunt all who enter the realm of the WCKD Fate. Immerse yourself into this WCKD delusion with a Spirit Circle of Tarot Card Readers, Fortune Teller, and Palm Readers. Once you have discovered your fate, unwind with the Haunted Hookah Hideaway and enjoy the alluring belly dancer show.

The creepy, the creative, the cosplay. All who enter WCKD Village should be tempted to enter the WCKD costume contest. Entry into the WCKD costume contest is free for all revelers and open to all who embrace their WCKD side.

Prizes offered include:

  • One Grand Prize of $2,000 cash
  • One Second Place Prize of $666 cash
  • One Third Place Prize of $295 cash!
  • Three Less-Honorable Mentions will receive $13!


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Map & Directions

WCKD Village is located in the East Village at 7th Avenue between Market and J Streets and on Island Avenue between 6th and 8th Avenues.

The Entrance to WCKD Village is at 6th and Island for General Admission+. The WCKD Wonka VIP entrance is at 8th and Island.

WCKD Village