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People who paddleboard say it’s the perfect combination of physical exertion and relaxation.

While it takes some skill to keep the paddle board upright, once you have it down it becomes like second nature. Once you’ve mastered it, with the help of Menehune Surf, you can relax and enjoy everything that you see around you!

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Whether you are visiting San Diego or have lived here for years, it’s time to grab your board and hit the waves. San Diego’s coastline covers 75 miles and as many awesome surf spots.  Most of our shoreline consists of long beach breaks with primarily southwest exposure.

If you’re just starting out, La Jolla Shores is a great place for you to catch a wave into shore. Take a lesson before you take the surfing plunge at Menehune Surf. With the vast array of beaches lining the coast, there’s no shortage of hotspots where you can hang ten. Be sure to grab a wetsuit before diving into your first wave, the water can get chilly!

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