MCAS Miramar Air Show

MCAS Miramar Air Show is happening September 27- 29, 2019. It is with great pride that the Flightline to the City of San Diego is open to surrounding communities, and guests from across the globe to partake in this exciting annual event. MCAS Miramar is thrilled to welcome back the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron and enthusiastically welcome the RAF Red Arrows Team, stopping at MCAS Miramar in their limited run of U.S. performances!

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy exciting aerial performances by many of the Marine Corps aircraft to include the F-35B Lightning II, the MV-22 Osprey and the Marine Air-Ground Task Force demonstration team. You’ll see how the coordinated use of close air support, armor, artillery, and infantry forces aggregate into a unique form of combat power that continues to make the Marine Corps the most capable fighting force in the world.

For almost two and a half centuries, the Marine Corps has been the first to fight, with a history characterized by grit, innovation, audacity, and steadfast commitment to the service of the nation. Their storied legacy is a tale authored by individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life, bonded in purposefulness and the shared experience of having earned the title of Marine.

This year, we take the opportunity to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of our first responders. For decades, the Marine Corps has been “America’s 9-1-1 force” and that idea was built upon the deeds and service of countless men and women in our first responder communities. It is truly a moment for us to reflect alongside our local police, fire, and emergency medical heroes and honor them for what they do every single day.

While you are there, take the opportunity to talk to the extraordinary men and women who are there to support the air show. They will be happy to share their wide variety of experiences and enthusiasm for what they do.

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