Maritime Museum Of San Diego

Maritime Museum of San Diego will spur your imagination for United States maritime history! You’ll definitely want to add the Maritime Museum Of San Diego to your must-visit list. Located on San Diego Bay, the Maritime Museum sustains one of the largest collections of notable sea vessels in the United States. You’ll see sailing ships, steam-powered boats, submarines and more. The centerpiece of the museum’s collection is the famous 1863 Star of India. Its storied history includes collisions, mutinies, cyclones, and more than a quarter-century hauling immigrants from England and Ireland to New Zealand to begin new lives.

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San Diego Maritime Museum

The Museum’s latest addition to their fleet is the San Salvador. The ship is a full-sized, fully functional and historically accurate replica of Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s 1542 flagship. The new San Salvador will function much more than just a static museum display. Residing in San Diego, she will also sail along the coast of California, visiting cities and towns as a floating education platform for California’s school children.


New Maritime Vintage “Wish You Were Here” Postcard And Photography Exhibit

Maritime Museum Of San Diego

Maritime Museum of San Diego announces the opening of Wish You Were Here, a new exhibit featuring an array of vintage postcards and photography from around the globe. Opening November 16, 2019, at the Maritime Museum of San Diego Compass and Gould Eddy Galleries aboard the national historic landmark, the 1898 steam ferryboat Berkeley, Wish You Were Here invites visitors to become immersed in an amazing array of vintage color-tinted San Diego postcards. From landmark events to world-class attractions, guests will see why the region has for more than 100 years earned a reputation as one of the world’s most popular spots for travel and adventure. Visitors to the exhibit will also receive a commemorative postcard to send to friends and family.

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