Glorious Rat Rods at San Diego Automotive Museum

Glorious Rat Rods at San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park is proud to announce it’s opening! The exhibit will run until June 3, 2018. The Rat Rod movement is a growing segment in automotive design that highlights the creativity and versatility of their builders. Their creators use the rough patina of time as their canvas, making art out of rust.

The exhibit explores this phenomenon and gives patrons the opportunity to experience these artistic visions. The glory is in the details as these extraordinary artists use anything and everything to put their own spin on their chariots. With no limitations to creativity, they revel in the repurposing of unorthodox parts and bring the counter-intuitive into their vehicles. Nothing is out of bounds from fire extinguishers as overflow tanks to delicate filigreed interiors to contrast coarsely hewn exteriors.

These vehicles require careful examination of all of their intriguing elements. Along with vehicles, you can also see displayed, the works of Rat Rod artists, including photographs, paintings, found object art, metal sculpture, and repurposed car part fixtures and furniture. Get tickets today before they’re gone!


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