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Go Ocean rafting with Xplore Offshore and experience wind-in-your-hair, salt-spray-in-your face kind of excitement that takes the term “heart pounding”, and dials it up a notch. This is an awesome way to spend a few hours or an entire afternoon and you can do both because Xplore Offshore, San Diego’s premier ocean adventure company, offers five action-packed adventures. You can speed over waves in the Big Bay or cruise through warm waters to catch a glimpse of the whales that transverse the Pacific Ocean.

Go Ocean Rafting like a local. 

These are not cheesy tours, friends. No headsets or narration. Just you, your family or mates and a Captain to help you find the cool stuff. It’s all about boating without the hassle. Xplore Offshore is the original R.I.B. based adventure company in San Diego.

They offer custom, unique tours designed to immerse guests in an authentic ocean experience.

It’s really up to you—if it’s adventure you’re after, Xplore Offshore makes it happen!

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