San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County Fair is how we know it’s Summer in San Diego! Every year the Fair has a new theme and this years theme is How Sweet It Is! Come and discover, with kid-in-a-candy-store wonder how you can tempt all of your senses at the 2018 San Diego County Fair presented by Albertsons|Vons

You’ll leave the ordinary world behind the minute you step into this magical sweet spot overflowing with opportunities to truly savor summer with the excitement of a wide-eyed kid. Whether it’s sampling chocolate bubbling from a fountain, soaking up the glittery ocean views from atop the Ferris wheel, discovering how nature’s sweet fruits grow and ripen, or enjoying the Fair’s golden-ticket entertainment, your toughest decision will be choosing what to indulge in first!



Contact San Diego County Fair

(858) 755-1161


Map & Directions

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