Coastal Dining In Orange County

Coastal Dining In Orange County is a fun time for everyone! A lush landscape, the crashing ocean waves, or the endless twinkle of city lights always enhance the dining experience. In Orange County, we have countless restaurants with views as amazing as the food. The restaurants are amazing but, the views make it even better!

•The Beach Comber, Newport Beach: This historic restaurant sits right on the sand in beautiful Crystal Cove. It’s  so close to the water  you can feel the salt-spray on your face whilst eating on the outdoor patio.

•Las Brisas, Laguna Beso: Perched high upon the bluff above Laguna Beach. This restaurant has a 180-degree view of the ocean, from Dana Point to the south to Palos Verdes to the north.

•Watertable, Huntington Beach: From its location in the Hyatt Regency, Watertable offers one of the best beach and water views in Orange County.

• Orange Hill Restaurant, Orange: This place is more famous for its city lights view, although the food is fantastic, too.