Shoreline Village Long Beach

Refreshments available at the Shoreline Village Long Beach range from casual to sophisticated. Enjoying an ice cream cone or funnel cake will do the trick for a quick bite, and fine dining is an option for special occasions with spectacular views of the harbor and Queen Mary.

The specialty shops at the Village always have something new to explore. You’ll find the perfect hat, an oil painting that will pop in your living room, an outfit to wear on your next special occasion, and much more.

Kids of all ages can experience the magic of Shoreline Village’s carousel or practice their hoop skills in the arcade. The more adventurous-at-heart might rent a bicycle and head off down Long Beach’s coastline bike path.

Shoreline Village Long Beach visitors can experience the magic of Shoreline Village’s carousel or experience the beauty of Long Beach on a Segway! Wheel Fun Rentals tours include a myriad of outstanding points of interest, including the historic Queen Mary and Scorpion submarine, the Pike, Rainbow Harbor, downtown Long Beach, the Laugh Factory, the Queensway Bridge, and of course, Shoreline Village.

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