TCL Chinese Theatre

Chinese Theatre At It’s Finest!


The TCL Chinese Theatre is the most iconic movie palace in the world. With over 50 events a year, including movie premieres, imprint ceremonies, and film festivals. The theatre continues to make Hollywood history every day. Since 1927, the TCL Chinese Theatre has been the home to the most prominent red carpet movie premieres and special events. It’s where Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars come to watch their movies! The theatre has the unique Forecourt of the Stars. Which features cement hand and footprints of major movie stars from past to present. The Theatre has the world’s largest IMAX auditorium. As well as the only movie palace in California with a state-of-the-art IMAX Laser projection experience. Watching a movie here is not just a night out, it’s a memorable event. A visit to Los Angeles is not complete without a stroll through Hollywood cinema history!

It was once stated that “To visit Los Angeles and not see the Chinese Theatre is like visiting China and seeing The Great Wall. “Grauman’s opulent, awe-inspiring presence and history has been a cornerstone of Hollywood for over 75 years.

Guests can experience the majesty of the theatre by purchasing movie tickets or VIP tour tickets. The TCL Chinese Theatre VIP Tour is the only place in Hollywood where you learn the star-studded history of the historic TCL Chinese Theatres. The Tour features stories and fun facts about the theatre’s Hollywood premieres, celebrities, and its famous Forecourt of the Stars.

So step off the red carpet and walk through the golden doors of this Movie Palace of the Stars on our exclusive 30 minute Walking Tour. A visit to Hollywood is not complete without this stroll through Hollywood movie history.


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