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Whale Watching With Harbor Breeze Cruises

Go Whale Watching with Harbor Breeze Cruises. Join on an exciting journey to view some of the largest mammals on the planet. Next the experienced crew and knowledgeable Aquarium of the Pacific educators will guide you on every voyage. Search for all types of awe-inspiring marine life including the magnificent Gray Whale, several types of Dolphins Porpoises, Sea Lions. Also look out for the Harbor Seals, Marine Birds, and other Whales.

Harbor Breeze Cruises

The 2 hour Gray Whale Watching Cruises are available mid-November and run through April. This is the best time to observe the annual migration of these mammals! In addition, the vessels are state-of-the-art catamarans and are all eco-friendly with low-emissions. Come aboard and enjoy an unforgettable cruise!


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