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Phoenix Greyhound Park & Racing

Welcome to the exciting world of Greyhound Racing in the Valley!  American Greyhound Racing Inc. provides simulcast races from 13 tracks across the country at Off Track Betting (OTB) sites near you.  You can watch, wager and win at 15 OTB sites located in local restaurants throughout the Valley.  With wagers as low as 10 cents and the fun of watching these canine athletes, you are sure to have a good time!

American Greyhound Racing (AGR) has created fun and excitement in the Phoenix area for more that 55 years. Greyhound racing is a sure entertainment bet for the visitors who pass through the doors of one of our many off-track betting* locations throughout the Phoenix area and Arizona.

Through our OTB* network, AGR offers pari-mutuel simulcast wagering from racetracks across the nation. By definition, the term “pari-mutuel” tells the bettor that this is a place where they can bet among each other, not against the house. The track retains a percentage for handling the wagers. The track makes the same percentage regardless if the bettor wins or loses, thus providing a level playing field for all players.


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