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Bike on the Water with Hydrobike!

If you like water recreation, or cycling, you will love the Hydrobikes! With little effort you can maintain a cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour, and you can accelerate up to 10 mph. On Hydrobikes, you’re comfortably seated upright for great viewing as you cruise past canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Drinkholders and a place for your dry items makes this the most comfortable ride on the water.

Hydrobikes are not just a great way to relax but are also a super good way to work out. A Hydrobike helps you work out just like a normal bike, except that it runs on water. It is easier to ride a hydrobike than a normal bike because there is less friction in the water. But, the overall fitness quotient and fat burnt with the hydrobike is a LOT MORE than what can be achieved by any normal land bike. Here are some reasons why a hydrobike is good for working out:

  1. Less muscle strain but more work done.
  2. Travelling in the water eliminates risks of accidents.
  3. The hydrobike will help you burn fat at a phenomenal rate.
  4. Your leg and calf muscles get stronger and enable you to gain muscle strength.

At Balboa Boat Rentals, you can choose from a variety of fun water activities. Rent power boats, Sea Doos, sailboats, kayaks, and more!

When: 9am-sunset

Location: Balboa Boat Rentals, 510 E. Edgewater, Balboa, CA

How much: $25 per hour for hydrobike

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